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Whether it's the condo where you will live out your greatest professional ambitions, the single-family home where you will raise your children or the suite where you will live the hotel life every day, Brigil is with you at every phase of your life, providing you with a full range of residences. 14,000 households accommodated since 1985, on both sides of the Ottawa River, from downtown to the suburbs.

Integrating while preserving
the environment

Our environmental involvement

Brigil advocates the integration and protection of wildlife through concrete actions within the communities we build. We pride ourselves on building a quality of life while respecting what nature has to offer.

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Wildlife Integration
Stream Protection
Green Spaces Development

Our concrete actions

Plateau Symmes

The objective at Plateau Symmes was to create an island park in a natural habitat, so the escape would be amazing. To accomplish that, Brigil has taken many actions to respect and preserve the environment and the wildlife. The integration and protection of the marsh were crucial in the process to anchor the floral and wildlife development. Brigil then insured that the retention basin development remained ecological, as well as the wooded area adjacent to the marsh. The results are meaningful: residents in the neighborhood can enjoy a warm environment with protected benefits for the generations to come.

Plateau du Parc

Plateau du Parc crosses a magnificent natural and diversified habitat. Brigil has developed a green urban corridor, linking Gatineau Park to a stream on Pink Road. Wetlands and a park have been included in the green corridor, protected by a fence. While proceeding to an ecological development of the retention basin, Brigil is honored to protect the wildlife and two streams in the northern sector.

Château Golf

Brigil dealt with two major issues in this project development located in the Aylmer sector. First, Brigil has proceeded to major engineering changes for minimum cutting of trees. After that, a diffuser plate has been installed for natural filtration of run-off water, to avoid floods. These successful works will surely stand the test of time.

Tour Lucerne

Brigil has been able, with Tour Lucerne, to respect the environment by the integration of a wetland and a floristic species, the ostrich fern of America.

Ruisseau Desjardins

Planting of trees and shrubs to protect river banks and endangered wildlife has been the main objective of Brigil in this zone.

Domaine Lorrain

The striped chorus frog is one of the most common species in the Eastern part of the region. She lives in wetlands like the one where Brigil has developed Domaine Lorrain. It was important to create a protected area and to stabilize the stream banks with replanting techniques. Those initiatives should allow the survival of plants and the wildlife in that cherish habitat.

Condos du Plateau

Brigil has mastered the art of protecting the water courses in each project. For Condos du Plateau, a temporary fence has been planted to protect a stream and avoid destabilization of the natural balance in that zone.

Ambassade Champlain

Brigil has been careful with this project because the preservation of a stream sheltering the cyprin, a variety of fish, was a priority.

Elements from our policy of integrating residential
projects into the existing physical environment

Our environmental

Expectations are always high when you have a green commitment. The ambition of that commitment is to preserve and improve the natural environment. After that, you have to connect all the people involved: residents, visitors, city councillors, promoters, etc., so all the residential projects are well-integrated in this environment. This ambition, this willingness, is important for a great transmission to the future generations.

Brigil knows that a good leadership is crucial to stimulate awareness, education and partnerships, to create a harmonious integration between homes and nature.

Our region spoils us: we have the city and a superb nature nearby. Brigil is committed to maintain this quality of life.

In any community development, Brigil takes action to respect our environment, promote green spaces, watery ecosystem and natural infrastructures, to create an overall vision observing endangered species protection issues.

Brigil wishes to become a green role model by encouraging anyone to reduce their ecological impact and preserve the future generations.

In order to preserve the natural states of a large marsh, two watercourses and an island on which the municipality will create a four-acre park, BRIGIL has protected an area of about 20 acres, almost one third of the Symmes project. BRIGIL is fencing off the green spaces to prevent humans from entering, in addition to entering the riverbank buffer strips in the cadastre (land register) and transferring ownership to the city of Gatineau.

BRIGIL has modified its storm drains to ensure the survival of a stream in the Symmes project. In the Plateau du Parc project, BRIGIL is protecting the buffer strips to provide an uninterrupted connection with Gatineau Park, thereby allowing deer and other animals to circulate along the watercourses inside the residential projects.

BRIGIL has landscaped a wetland area inside the Domaine Lorrain project to extend the habitat of the striped chorus frog, a protected species that is present in a neighboring marsh.

BRIGIL has a policy of ‘minimum clearance’ of land it acquires for residential projects. Quality trees that do not impede the construction of houses are conserved, enhancing both the value of the project and the quality of life of residents.

BRIGIL amply exceeds municipal requirements to plant one tree of at least 50 cm on each plot. For single-family homes, BRIGIL plants one tree in front and two behind. For corner houses, three trees are added on the side. For semidetached or row houses, one tree is provided in front and another behind each unit, plus the additional trees for corner units.

In the Walters project (between Aylmer and McConnell), these trees must be oaks, and self-builders must adhere to BRIGIL standards. Brigil makes a major donation of $50,000 to the Boucher Forest Foundation.

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