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PETRIE'S LANDING BY BRIGIL: A major milestone achieved

February 16, 2022



A major milestone was reached today in the realization of the Petrie's landing community as Brigil is about to pour the final concrete slab that will form the roof of the project's Tower 3.


In the coming days, our crews will be busy completing the installation of the building envelope. This building of 162 high-end rental apartments will welcome its first tenants in 2023.




This Orleans-based development is part of a much larger initiative to create a truly dynamic community where all services are accessible within a 15-minute radius and where living spaces are vibrant, sustainable and inclusive.


Divided into three phases, the Petrie's Landing community is a happy mix of luxury rental apartments, hotel-like common areas and gathering spaces for local merchants. Over the next ten years, Brigil plans to invest $3 billion in the project.


Designed to reflect the evolution of communities and meet the needs of its residents, the project's philosophy is based on environmental and social objectives: proximity to all essential needs minimizes the frequency and distance of travel, encourages active transportation and stimulates local purchasing. Several related sectors will be positively affected, creating a domino effect of economic vitality.


Eventually, this urban community in the heart of nature will be able to accommodate 10,000 residents. The arrival of the Ottawa Light Rail Trim Station in 2022 will enhance this prime location by providing a direct line to downtown Ottawa for work, study and shopping.







"Petrie's Landing is a dream project for us. It is a complete living environment. Residents are close to nature, close to health and other essential services. They are connected to downtown through the future light rail station. Everything has been designed with their lifestyle in mind. For 35 years, our mission has been to offer our clients redesigned living spaces adapted to their needs. Petrie's Landing is the embodiment of this mission.


- Gilles Desjardins, Brigil's founding president.


"Since 1985, Brigil has advocated a balance between controlled urban development and the protection of natural areas. Petrie's Landing is a perfect example of this, both for its proximity to nature and its connectivity to downtown. An urban village par excellence, which also helps to counteract the phenomenon of urban sprawl."


- Jessy Desjardins, Vice President, Development and Design at Brigil.


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Founded in 1985 by Gilles Desjardins, Brigil has greatly contributed to the economic development of the National Capital Region. Brigil has given a home to an entire generation and intends to continue building it for those to come. Closely linked to the communities it serves, Brigil has donated several million dollars to more than 300 organizations in the National Capital Region. Gilles Desjardins has also been recognized as one of Quebec's greatest patrons of the arts and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal of Canada by the Governor General on November 5, 2018. The company currently has some 40 communities in the National Capital Region (12,500 units) and plans to build 44,500 new housing units over the next few years. Sustainable development and environmental protection are part of Brigil's DNA, as is the enhancement of heritage and historic buildings. This is why our mission goes beyond that of a builder. We build with purpose.



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