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BRIGIL announced an exclusive health spa at Domaine du Vieux-Port

August 14, 2013

BRIGIL announced an exclusive health spa at Domaine du Vieux-Port

A dream life in an oasis on the outskirts of the city

Gatineau, August 14, 2013 - BRIGIL's team and its president Gilles Desjardins, are proud to present the most prestigious residential project in Outaouais, the Domaine du Vieux-Port in Gatineau, which is now ready to enter the next development phase. This new project will harmonize perfectly with the initial phase of the Domain, and will, among other things, have a Nordic spa add to the benefits of this waterfront community to further enhance the quality of life.

The new services will complement the most recent developments in this prestigious building complex that will provide current and future residents a dream life in the comfort and safety of their community. A boutique-hotel, a fitness center, and access to the marina with private docks make this massive project a perfect combination between the city and nature, in a unique concept in the National Capital Region. Future owners will appreciate even more the harmony between modern lifestyle and serenity offered by an environment where the natural beauty of the river is the backdrop.

BRIGIL offers you a dream life

What further distinguishes this community is the unlimited access to the luxurious spa which will specialize in Nordic type baths, that alternates hot and cold. As with all BRIGIL projects, this spa will be recognized by its high quality standards. Residents of Domaine du Vieux-Port can live a complete experience of relaxation and health in one or other of the various pavilions.

Located on an exceptional natural site along the Gatineau River, the spa and health center will also offer relaxing services like massage therapy and, if necessary, professional sports therapy. Today BRIGIL introduces to you a bold and original construction, high-end products, luxury in all its glory. New services will complement the most recent developments in this prestigious building complex that will provide current and future residents a dream life in the comfort and safety of their community.

While enjoying the unique concept spa, a swimming pool and a modern sports training center at the forefront of technology, the Domaine du Vieux-Port will also include a boutique-hotel with the
charm and the jazzy atmosphere of a magnificent bistro, which will allow residents of the community to use to enjoy an evening with friends.

A unique urban lounge area

In order to accommodate the residents of this new community, who will join the already existing community since 1998, a total of 12 condo towers will be built at Domaine du Vieux-Port. The new towers will be located in the space between the bridge and the first Alonzo development phase of the project. At the top of each tower an urban cottage will be built for the exclusive use of the residents. A private spa, swimming pool, sauna and even a bistro will complete the development of these urban cottages. This private area is accessible through a single and secure entry and an insulated and heated indoor garage.

It is BRIGIL's policy to protect natural areas of lands acquired for housing projects. Thus, by building condominium towers BRIGIL was able to preserve the natural appearance of the area to maintain its beauty. Therefore, over 70% of the total surface area is protected and remains in its original state.

This impressive project represents a total investment of more than $ 706 million for BRIGIL, responding, once again, to the highest expectations in terms of quality, comfort and prestige. In addition to being close to the Gatineau Park, the Haute-Plaines Golf Club, the Domaine du Vieux Port is along the Gatineau River in the Hull area. It is easily accessible from Interstate 5, just 10 minutes from downtown Ottawa.

Among the economic leaders in the area of the National Capital Region, BRIGIL has been in business for 28 years and have managed to carve a place in real estate in the greater National Capital with the construction of more than 7 000 housing units. BRIGIL stands out continuously for the quality of its construction, a renowned customer service, and elegant design and suitable for active life.

With its expertise developed over the years, the company has anticipated the evolution of the population of Gatineau and Ottawa, creating real living environments that meet the needs of the family, social and professional life. This is exactly the slogan Gilles Desjardins: "Proud to build a better quality of life."

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