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Savvy homeowners simplifying their lives by cashing in on hot real estate market

June 23, 2021

Savvy homeowners simplifying their lives by cashing in on hot real estate market


If you’re contemplating selling your home, the phrase ‘strike while the iron is hot’ is extremely applicable right now. The National Capital Region’s perpetually-strong real estate market is on fire this year, thanks to elevated home prices, minimal inventory, stiff bidding competition and low mortgage rates which are expected to rise next year in tandem with Canada’s post-pandemic economic recovery. Many homeowners have realized that now is the ideal time to cash in and switch to living worry-free by renting a luxurious new apartment, like those available at Brigil’s brand-new Baseline community, which will welcome its first tenants in the fall of 2021.


Despite the fact that the lingering global pandemic still has us enduring uncertain times, the real estate market in our region remains strong. This is due in part to a stable local economy featuring multiple robust sectors including technology, government, healthcare and construction, to name just a few. With many people now working remotely as well as spending more time at home in general, the seller’s market is being further sparked by a fresh deluge of buyers whose current homes no longer seem as suitable or spacious as they did pre-COVID-19.



Enjoy numerous advantages to renting in a high-end building


Renting makes great sense for a number of reasons, whether you’re retirees looking to right size, or if other life events have put you in a position where caring for a house by yourself is too burdensome. Whatever impetus you may have, selling your home and investing the profits is a great long-term strategy. When you choose a Brigil property, you’ll enjoy a more tranquil lifestyle in a stylish, well-appointed building, without the concerns of home maintenance and management.


There are so many advantages to renting in a high-end building, particularly when it comes to eliminating the expense and hassles of home ownership. Forget DIY fixes or costly repair bills: if issues arise, simply contact your local community manager and they’ll solve the problem. Security features including emergency generators, surveillance cameras and keyless entry systems, coupled with a tenant screening process, serve to enhance your comfort and safety. Add in hotel-inspired amenities such as a pool, gym and hot tub, yoga room, rooftop terrace, pool table plus high-end finishes as well as panoramic windows, and you’ll find it easy to slide into a carefree state of mind.


On top of the physical comforts, you’ll enjoy multiple inclusions in your monthly rent, making it easier to manage your bills. Lower insurance costs, no real estate taxes nor need to save for a down payment plus the flexibility to travel on a whim without having to make arrangements for your home’s care also make renting at Brigil extremely appealing. Not only will you enjoy the ability to socialise with like-minded people, you’ll discover that since Brigil strategically builds close to essential services and public transportation, you may not even need to own a car.



Brigil’s Baseline takes you to the pinnacle of living well

In keeping with the tenor of our time, Baseline has been purposefully designed to support a sustainable and accessible lifestyle. The rental apartments are therefore connected not only to the city, but also to life. Situated close to a variety of transportation options, green spaces and shopping hubs plus a plethora of outdoor activities and entertainment possibilities, Baseline’s location is perhaps its very best amenity.



It’s the ideal time to take advantage of a sellers’ market


If you are ready to leverage current market conditions to maximize the return on your housing investment, now is the time to explore your options. Why not get ready to elevate your baseline by visiting our presentation centre to discover our community and learn about our appealing summer promotions?

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