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Building with purpose: from one generation to the next.

November 26, 2020

Building with purpose: from one generation to the next.

Appointment of Jessy Desjardins – carrying on the Brigil vision.


We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Jessy Desjardins as Vice-President, Development and Design. 


During his years with the company, Jessy has demonstrated the same passion for the National Capital Region as Céline, Kevin and Gilles Desjardins. With a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management, Jessy is fueled by his desire to create Brigil communities in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, which he shares with the entire team. Working in concert with all the stakeholders – cities, neighbourhood associations, and provincial and federal institutions – we are constantly evolving our development and design work, which continues to be part of a global, structured and innovative vision.


“This is an important day for me as the company’s President, and an emotional one as a father. I have been sharing my dreams with my wife Céline and my sons for a very long time, and Jessy’s appointment represents a fundamental step in integrating the next generation into the company. His perseverance, skills and immense potential make him the perfect candidate to lead this division and actively participate in the company’s strategic direction. The Brigil family is very proud of him.”   - Brigil President and Founder Gilles Desjardins.

Building with purpose 

Our love of the region led us to live, grow and put all our energy into it. It is important to us that our values of belonging, integrity, respect and mutual support be reflected in the pursuit of our mission. For 35 years, we have been committed to this mission of serving our clients well and offering them living environments adapted to their needs. Day after day, we put all our heart into it. It is this passion for the people and the region that has led us to become an integral part of the community and to multiply our charitable efforts in the environment, arts, culture, health and education. We also make it a point of honour to protect and enhance the architectural, cultural and natural heritage. This is why our mission goes beyond that of a builder. We build with purpose.


“It is a privilege to work in the family business and to be surrounded by passionate professionals. I have always dreamed of making a positive impact on society and it is an honour to be able to contribute, in collaboration with my family and our team, to the advancement of Brigil’s mission; which is to build communities and promote the well-being of future generations”. 

- Jessy Desjardins

The importance of heritage and the environment for Brigil​

For 35 years, Brigil has had a long-term development vision for the region. We work closely with the cities and community stakeholders to achieve this vision. Protecting and enhancing our heritage and preserving historic buildings are part of our vision. As an example, Columbia Farm, that magnificent building dating back to 1835, is a little jewel in Gatineau. The design of our Columbia project around the farm began in 2006, and we want to ensure that the result will live up to its rich heritage. This is the case for all of the projects we undertake involving our heritage treasures.


Building long-term quality of life

Having built more than 12,500 housing units, Brigil is moving forward with its mission and ready for the future: the creation of 30,000 new housing units on land already acquired by the company over the past 35 years. “My brother Kevin and I are working on creating urban villages – affordable, vibrant neighbourhoods where everything is within a 15-minute walk. We want to encourage local businesses and bring art and culture to all common areas. Population growth will allow us to rely on urban densification to make our vision a reality”, says Jessy Desjardins. 


With the new generation of employees, Brigil is moving forward with its mission to build with purpose, solidly supported by a large team of professionals who all demonstrate leadership, each in their own field, and with whom we look to the future with confidence and enthusiasm.


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