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The Launch of Le Columbia Project — A Harmonious Pairing Between the Past and the Future

February 21, 2020

Brigil has proudly begun the construction of its housing project on the Columbia Farm site, where modern and heritage comes as one.


The Le Columbia project and historical Columbia farmhouse will soon harmoniously reign over St-Joseph Boulevard, a major artery at the heart of the old Hull Township development.


The house, erected in the 19th century by the Hull Township’s founder, Philémon Wright, is one of that period’s rare historical buildings. On the architectural front, it’s a refined example of the Georgian style introduced to Lower Canada during this time and boasts distinctive features from the Classicism Era. In the 1830s, his son-in-law, Thomas Brigham makes it one of the most prosperous farms in Canada. It receives its heritage recognition in 1988 and remains a precious emblem of the City of Gatineau and Canada to this day.


“It’s a gem of our city and culture. It’s extremely important for us, since purchasing the property in 2007, that Le Columbia embellish this site while respecting the integrity of the farm and its historical value. We’re honouring our commitment!” says Gilles Desjardins.


For 35 years now, Brigil operates in the area. Its president, Gilles Desjardins, is one of the Outaouais region’s socioeconomic pillars. His vision is focused on demographic growth and local cultural enrichment. A great enthusiast of the territory’s vibrant history, he works relentlessly to develop ambitious projects, all while protecting and highlighting the remnants of the past for the generations to come.


Le Columbia, a High-End Building, Will Help Densify the Hull Sector


Offering a variety of condo units spread over 20 floors in a hotel-inspired setting, its residents will enjoy a wide array of luxurious commodities. The elegant communal spaces, the rooftop terrace with panoramic lounge and the fitness centre will ensure absolute comfort. Furthermore, its strategic location bordering major arteries will give access to a multitude of shops and services, within walking distance.


Seeking the Public’s Help


If the conservation of this building is a priority, so is enriching the annals of its history. Wanting to underline the notorious events that have characterized this portion of our regional culture, Brigil is seeking the public’s help.


“We’re looking for photos, illustrations and written accounts not yet documented to paint an accurate portrait of the importance of Columbia Farm in the local patrimony. We want to integrate historical elements in the exterior area between Le Columbia and the heritage building to immortalize this segment of our past. The future generations deserve it!” affirms Gilles Desjardins. The ultimate goal is to marry the legendary mark of Columbia Farm to the new 20-storey tower. If you have any contributions to offer, please send them to marketing@brigil.com, bring them to Brigil headquarters at 98 Lois Street, Gatineau, or publish them using the hashtag #ColumbiaFarm on social media.


For Brigil, it’s primordial to grow continuously, not just as a respectful contributor to the city’s evolution, but as a witness and promoter of our riches. After all, what we build today will become the cultural heritage of tomorrow.


Source :

Catherine Patry

Directrice principale, Communication et marketing

c : 514.977.6857



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