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October 05, 2021








Gatineau, October 5, 2021 - The Desjardins family confirms that Brigil has proceeded with the acquisition of the land located at 600 Vanier Road (Aylmer sector), adjacent to the Boucher Forest, and that it intends to protect the latter. 


Previously zoned "1-storey industrial", the municipal council changed the vocation of this 80-acre site to residential up to 10 storeys and low and medium intensity commercial when the last urban plan was adopted.  City Council designated this site as strategic for residential development, while protecting the urban perimeter.  In addition, this land is located near a future transportation hub, thus promoting sustainable mobility.  With the new zoning, we will be able to develop a complete living environment, with local businesses that reduce the use of cars.


On this property, there is a 30 to 50 year old cedar forest and a 150 year old maple grove, two jewels that we are committed to protecting 100%.  According to two independent environmental studies, the developable portion of the land is of low ecological value and contains a high level of buckthorn, an invasive exotic plant that threatens the biodiversity of forest ecosystems.  The project we will develop will greatly contribute to reducing the level of buckthorn, to the benefit of the forest.


We are very happy to have won the bid on this purchase and that the land remains in the hands of a Gatineau-based company that cares about the Boucher Forest and will protect it.  "I am a proud pro-environment activist who advocates urban development based on reducing our dependence on the automobile.  I am personally committed to taking up the challenge of creating a project that will bring people together and be in harmony with the principles of sustainable development," says Jessy Desjardins, Vice President of Development and Design at Brigil.  Mr. Desjardins will soon be meeting with citizen committees to obtain their feedback in order to design a signature project.


Urban forests like the Boucher Forest play an essential role in ensuring the physiological and psychological well-being of citizens. We believe it is essential to conserve it and ensure its protection, accessibility and sustainability.  Although plans for the new development are not yet complete, we see this project as a welcoming gateway to the Boucher Forest from the Plateau.  An Interpretation Centre and a Departure Pavilion could be built, along with a large public square.


As we build with purpose, we are determined to integrate the project with nature by protecting valuable natural spaces, including a 150-year-old maple grove, reducing buckthorn encroachment, integrating native plants that will enhance the forest into the new project, creating a community with local services (restaurants, pharmacies, cafés) and favouring public spaces that bring people together: parks, plaza, well laid-out streets, sidewalks, etc.  All of this, in a project focused on structuring public transportation.


In terms of environmental certifications, we have high expectations and are setting the bar very high. We have not yet decided on the type of certification, but we want a project that is in harmony with the Forest, in respect of the environment and the mission of the Boucher Forest Foundation.


We are also partners with the Foundation: it is a precious ally that accompanies us in the realization of our projects.  We share their values and are in agreement with their action plan.  We have supported them financially in the past to preserve the richness of the Boucher Forest, a cause that is close to our hearts, and we will continue to do so in the years to come.  We also wish to work hand in hand with the CREDDO to advise us in this exceptional project, and we intend to quickly set up meetings and reflection tables with citizen committees in order to develop a relevant and unifying project.


A few figures:


- The Boucher Forest has a total of 741 acres.

- Of this area, 110.7 acres are destined for the development of the future structuring transportation station and for residential development according to the new urban plan adopted by the municipal council. 

- The land Brigil has acquired comprises 80 acres, or 11% of the Boucher Forest. 

- Brigil is committed to protecting 25 acres, so the new community would be built on 55 acres, or 7% of the Boucher Forest.



About Brigil

Founded in 1985 by Gilles Desjardins, Brigil has greatly contributed to the economic development of the National Capital Region. Brigil has given a home to an entire generation and intends to continue building it for those to come. Closely linked to the communities it serves, Brigil has donated several million dollars to more than 300 organizations in the National Capital Region. Gilles Desjardins has also been recognized as one of Quebec's greatest patrons of the arts and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal of Canada by the Governor General on November 5, 2018. The company currently has some 40 communities in the National Capital Region (12,500 units) and plans to build 44,500 new housing units over the next few years. Sustainable development and environmental protection are part of Brigil's DNA, as is the enhancement of heritage and historic buildings. This is why our mission goes beyond that of a builder. We build with purpose.




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