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Birth of the Ambassade Champlain Community: A Brigil Development!

January 23, 2018


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Birth of the Ambassade Champlain Community: A Brigil Development!


GATINEAU (January 23, 2018) Brigil president Gilles Desjardins is proud to announce that he has received all the necessary approvals from Gatineau City Council to begin one of Quebec’s largest urban developments: the Ambassade Champlain Community. Construction is set to begin in the summer of 2018.


Purchased in 2001 from the former Town of Aylmer, this former National Capital Commission property expands over more than 46 hectares and sits on an exceptional, centrally located site. Surrounded by wooded areas and large green spaces—including century-old golf courses—this vast terrain offers a spectacular view of the Ottawa River.


“I can finally start developing this magnificent parcel of land.  From the very beginning, I envisioned a green, environmentally responsible, LEED concept for this land, in terms of both its design and its architecture. I am confident it will be a source of pride for my entire region,” says Gilles Desjardins. “I was patient, not hesitating to shake up every facet of this project to ensure it will be one of a kind.  In the end, it will all be worth it,” adds Desjardins.


As highlighted by the development plan recently adopted by the City of Gatineau, a greater number of citizens should benefit from such expansive natural attractions through the development of a denser urban structure. Thus, to provide the full urban experience that people want, the objective behind the new Ambassade Champlain Community is to create a major hub of employment, services and activity by incorporating daycare centres, schools, food markets, microbreweries, cafés, and so on.


Environmentally conscious Brigil will preserve existing ponds and woods along Lucerne Boulevard, while also providing an ecological link between the Ottawa River and Gatineau Park.


Accessible and located near the Champlain Bridge, the new Ambassade Champlain Community will be served by the STO rapid transit network, which is also connected to the OC Transpo network. Cyclists and pedestrians will be able to quickly access the region’s core areas and major employment hubs via pathways as majestic as the Ottawa River Pathway.


Once completed, this $1.7 billion major Brigil development will generate over $30 million annually in property tax revenues for Gatineau.


Further details will be released at a press conference in the coming weeks. 





Catherine Patry

Directrice principale, Communication et marketing

c : 514.977.6857



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