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BRIGIL’s Gilles Desjardins is pleased to have obtained the last municipal approval for the phase 1 infrastructure works of the Vieux Port III project!

December 12, 2017


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BRIGIL’s Gilles Desjardins is pleased to have obtained the last municipal approval for the phase 1 infrastructure works of the Vieux Port III project!


Five years after the purchase of the last portion, the founding president of BRIGIL is pleased to have finally obtained, last council meeting, the last municipal approval for the phase 3 infrastructure works of the Vieux Port project.  He indicated that this approval was scheduled for October 22, but had to be postponed by the City to December 12. This is a project of 700 million dollars in private term investments that will have recurring land spinoffs of 14 million dollars for the City.


The Ministry of the Environment should be able to affix the final seal in February and start the construction of this wonderful project.


Gilles Desjardins brings to phase 3 of the Domaine du Vieux Port the same vision and will that he had for the first two phases, to make it a signature project that will be a source of pride not only for its residents but also for the city and the region.  


With phase 3, Gilles Desjardins wants to highlight the natural setting that constitutes its beauty.  This is why BRIGIL will protect and enhance 70% of its natural setting, including the brook running through it, the banks and, of course, the hundreds of mature trees, many of which are over a hundred years old. 


Gilles Desjardins compares the ambiance that will prevail in the Phase III Domaine du Vieux Port area to a wooded oasis for active professionals and young retirees. This project will integrate a boutique hotel and also modern and luxurious condos and apartments.


The first tower, scheduled for completion in the fall of 2020, is already 90% sold—it offers a hotel concept with luxurious suites for rent and condos on the upper floors. Bistro, café and an array of services will be offered on the ground floor, as has become standard at BRIGIL. The rooftop will have a swimming pool, gymnasium and jacuzzi for residents to enjoy and to take in the breathtaking views of the river and the surrounding nature.


To emphasize the magic, Gilles Desjardins also intends to build trails and a public spa in the 1.3 million square feet of this beautiful woodland.  These will be carved into the topography of the area with respect for this enchanting site along the Alonzo-Wright Bridge and the Gatineau River.  BRIGIL set itself the challenge of creating an innovative spa that will promote relaxation with a therapeutic thermal cycle, massages and treatments as well as meditation with Yoga sessions in nature. This spa—a new trend—will guide its guests through an experience where all senses will be stimulated, infused with the fine perfumes of essential oils allowing an escape from the hassles of everyday life in a peaceful and intimate ambiance. A medical clinic will also be open for the public and the residents of this rural environment.


The on-site Bistro and café will help highlight the local treasures of the National Capital Region.


This site will also offer access to a private marina and a beautiful natural beach. The marina and harbour master's office will provide access to one of the largest and most beautiful nautical networks in Canada. 


The final tower of this phase III will be reserved for seniors who need specialized health care in an evolving care concept.  Residents will thus be able to continue to live in their community. 


PHASE “2” of the Domaine du Vieux-Port


For phase II, BRIGIL has obtained all authorizations from the City and will begin the extension of the central street and the construction work of 31 new contemporary single-family homes, 15 of which are on the banks of the river with developed land and 16 with river views and rooftop terraces. All with LEED* certification.






Catherine Patry

Directrice principale, Communication et marketing

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